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February 10, 2017
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Book Review:  Why Does He Do That

Rating: 5 stars

Great book! Every woman, every teenage young girl, every teenage boy should read this book. This book is so helpful in understanding the victim role. If women can’t recognize that they themselves are victims then they can’t teach their daughters to not be victims. This book should be required reading for every high school student that wants to graduate.

Book Review: No-nonsense, Intelligent, & Objective

Rating: 5 stars

I would rate this book more than five stars if I could! Rarely do I read a book of this type without I running into the hidden prejudices of the author, who seems unaware of his/her prejudice. Most books on abuse claim that an abused woman is not at fault, but seems to describe the kind of woman who lets herself be abused, thus putting them in a “they” catagory. This book is totally respectful to women, and yet it is not a male-bashing book. It is an abuse-bashing book. I believe this book would be truly helpful to anyone being abused, and an eye-opening read for the community who wants to be informed about abuse. Thank you, Lundy Bancroft!

Book Review: WIsh I had found this 20 years ago!!!

Rating: 5 stars

Anyone who has ever been in any type of abusive relationship or knows someone who is /has been NEEDS this book! I wish I had found this information 20 years ago when I entered my first abusive relationship. I started reading this book and was telling a friend about it, she bought it and we decided to start a small group since we knew 4 other women in some type of abusive situation we meet once a week and read together and then talk about what we can do for ourselves. This is not a man bashing meeting but a support group to help each of us. I would highly highly recommend this book to all women and your daughters even as a safeguard if they haven’t started a relationship!

Book Review: Why does he do that?

Rating: 4 stars

I had to purchase this book for nursing school as part of community nursing. I think there are a lot of helpful tips in this book and that it empowers people in abusive or potentially abusive relationships to make a plan to leave. I also think that for those people who have never experienced an abusive relationship it sets down good guidelines and important things to look for while in a relationship that might indicate abusive tendencies.

Book Review: Great Read.

Rating: 5 stars

After reading, I was able to identify and label what type of abusive man my ex-husband is. It helps me to not let his ways get the best of me. Now I know it was not me who he tried to convince had the problem, but him.


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