Peer Review: Favorite Book or Movie Paper

January 10, 2018
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Welcome to the wonderful world of peer-reviewing, where you’ll give one of your classmates feedback on his
or her paper. The most important thing about peer review is to be tactful; the second most important is to put
some thought and effort into it! Use the same care and attention with your classmate’s paper that you’d want
someone to put into yours.

After you’ve filled out this sheet (both sides), give it back to your classmate along with his or her paper.
Author: Keep the feedback, use it to improve your draft, and turn in at least one of these peer-review
forms with your paper that has been filled out ABOUT your paper.

1. Read the paper through first, before you do anything.
2. Underline the thesis and write “THESIS” out to the side.
3. Circle any grammatical errors you find.

Evaluate the rest with this form (yes, you can write “+” or “-” after the letter grades!):

  • Author introduces the book or movie in the first paragraph.
  • Thesis is present, clear, and comprehensive.
  • Thesis “telegraphs” paper’s plan of development.
  • Paper follows the plan given in the thesis.
  • Author gives three good, solid examples for every reason the book or movie is worthy.
  • Author’s reasons are convincing.
  • Paper is clearly aimed at the reader and not the author “talking to himself/herself.”
  • Paper follows the 5-paragraph model, with a clear introduction, three paragraphs, and a conclusion.
  • Bonus: Author included transitions between each paragraph.
  • Paper is at least 500 words (two typed, double-spaced pages), not including the “Works Cited” and cover sheet, if used.
  • Paper has a correct and proper “Works Cited” page.
  • Paper is printed in the right format (black ink on white paper, 12-point font, printed one side only, author’s name on every page, page number on every page except the first).
  • Paper is grammatically correct (Note any severe grammar or mechanical problems here : ______________

Overall grade I’d give this paper:

Reader response:

  • I enjoyed reading this paper.
  • I feel that the author made a special effort to reach me, and to make his / her arguments plausible.
  • I believe the author spent time and effort crafting this paper.
  • Now I want to read the book / see the movie, if I haven’t already! (If not, why not? __________________)

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