Term Paper Rubric – Scholarly Academic Writing

January 10, 2018
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Requirements for a professionally written term paper:

1. Organization.

The term paper has a clear introduction, a logical organization/sequence of ideas presented, a clear summary or conclusion. Each paragraph works as a unit and with a topic sentence.

2. Content.

The matter addressed in the paper is appropriate in scope and depth to the topic, drawn from credible, scholarly sources that inform the writing.

Author contributions are made in relating the topic, if appropriate, to experiences or informed opinion, or critiquing the topic with some original thinking if appropriate to the topic.

3. Format/Mechanics.

Attention has been paid to sentence structure, double spacing, indenting, spelling, punctuation, correct APA or MLA citations both in the discourse and in the reference pages, and overall format skills on the computer.

4. Holistic Writing Quality.

Sentences are in good, mature syntax without slang. Paper reads smoothly and shows some attention to writing quality.

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