The Flow Of Your Writing

April 8, 2018
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You would be amazed as to when you’re reading what a difference that makes it really helps your prose to flow more smoothly and for you to look like a more professional writer so trying to do that after every two or three declarative sentences use a sentence with an introductory phrase and the same thing is true after you’ve used a couple of sentences with internet three phrases then switch back to using the declarative sentence now that’s something that you can look at after you’ve written your paper when you’re editing your own work you can go back and take a look at how you’ve written your papers and say okay I’ve got a couple of declarative sentences in a row let me change the next to clear sentence.

Make it a sentences with an introductory phrase and the same after you used a couple of introductory phrase sentences it really makes a difference I stress it very strongly another thing that writers do in synthesis exams and term papers that you use sentence fragments that is words put together that don’t equal a whole sentence you want to make sure that all the sentences you use our whole sentences they have a subject they have not arms of Earth and the object I am teaching this class is the subject teaching as the am teaching is the verb phrase and classes the object so make sure that all your senses are complete it makes a real difference ok clarification of names and terms you want to clarify any names or terms that you use in your synth exams and your term papers for example you’ve mentioned John Maynard Keynes in your paper you will probably all know who he is because during the Urban of course but some of your readers like grandma probably don’t know who John Maynard Keynes is so if you want to put in English economist John Maynard Keynes Salvador Dali most everybody knows that who sell Fodor w is right but you should still put in Spanish painter Spanish surrealist something like that just to identify that person same with terms you use an economic term.

Give a little parenthetical explanation of it doesn’t have to be long just a very short explanation so the person reading the paper knows exactly what you’re talking about and doesn’t have to run to the dictionary or go on the computer to find out what it is you’re trying to say punctuation what you want to do is to put the put all of your commas period semicolons question marks and other forms of punctuation inside quotation marks rather than outside so let’s say I I am teaching this class came from a book I was quoting it got your quotes around it right the period goes inside a quote the alanna writers who put their punctuation over here outside of that quotation mark that is incorrect don’t want to do that you will look really professional if you keep your punctuation inside what works.

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